This past 5th and 6th of June, all of DynEd’s regional partners from Southeast Asia gathered in Bali, Indonesia, to discuss the trends, issues and opportunities affecting each of their DynEd markets. The group also learned about DynEd’s new product releases, courseware and training updates.

Bali, June, 2014: Mr. Ian Adam, DynEd’s CEO, opened the conference by providing the group with an overview of DynEd initiatives. Then Mr. Adam, along with Ms. Suci Andriana, Mobile Marketing Program Manager, introduced attendees to DynEd’s new Mobile Ecosystem, which will be released this summer.

Mr. Alfonso Lara, DynEd’s Training Manager, provided the regional partners with a pedagogical overview and was pleased to introduce DynEd’s soon-to-be-released course in the Academic series-Reading for Success.

Mr. Nick Randall, President of DynEd Asia, updated everyone on some of the global trends in ESL as well as some of the latest sales and marketing initiatives for the company.

“The conference was an excellent opportunity to get direct feedback about the local experiences our partners are having with our solutions,” says Spencer Weatherly, DynEd’s ASEAN Regional Manager and conference host. “It provided us with valuable information that will be key in better serving the needs of our partners and end users,” he added.