DynEd® awarded Turkish Aviation Academy for its excellent performance in the sales and support of DynEd’s Aviation English and General English Training Programs.

Istanbul, Turkey – April 19, 2013: In March 2012, in order to support employees who choose to improve their English skills, Turkish Aviation Academy launched a Training Partnership with FuturePrints A.S., the exclusive distributor of DynEd in Turkey.

Within the framework of the partnership, Turkish Aviation Academy provides all pilots with the opportunity to reach and surpass ICAO Level 4 English proficiency by virtue of DynEd’s Aviation English Language Training System designed specifically for pilots and controllers. DynEd’s General English Language Training System, on the other hand, serves employees in the industry such as aircraft maintenance technicians, cabin crew, air cargo personnel, ground handling, and passenger services personnel, enabling these learners to develop efficient communication skills in English.

Products Used

  • Aviation English
  • New Dynamic English
  • Records Manager
  • Placement Test
  • Mastery Test

As the world’s foremost Computer-Assisted English Language Learning Program, DynEd’s is the only system based on the most recent findings in neuroscientific research. By virtue of its built-in artificial intelligence monitoring system, it ensures permanent learning by constantly adapting the difficulty level of course content to users’ learning skills. It also provides a pleasant and productive environment for learners, independent of time and place, through the use of learner-specific schedules of study.

The success in sales and support that Turkish Aviation Academy reached in a year was rewarded with a plaque presented by DynEd International, Inc. on April 19, 2013. During the ceremony at the Academy’s Headquarters, Lance Knowles, the President of DynEd International, personally presented the plaque to Dr. Şahin Karasar PhD., the President of Turkish Aviation Academy and to Muhittin Hasan Uncular, the Commercial and Ground Handling Training Manager of Turkish Aviation Academy. In his remarks, Lance Knowles mentioned that English is the global language, and mastering English is especially crucial for flight safety and excellent service in the aviation industry. He added that the Turkish Airlines motto, “Globally Yours”, shows the importance given to mastery in English. He went on to say that Turkish Aviation Academy is an extremely professional enterprise that believes in and targets excellence in training, and that working with Turkish Airlines is a source of pride for DynEd. Mr. Knowles also pointed out that Turkish Airlines sets an example for other airlines throughout the world. In his speech, Muhittin Hasan Uncular stated that mastery in English is essential for anyone working in the aviation industry. He noted that Turkish Aviation Academy is very pleased to be an effective training partner of FuturePrints A.S., and will continue to be a powerful DynEd partner in the coming years.